Monday, December 6, 2010

Chinese Students' Grim Employment Prospects

I am saddened by the employment prospects for my students, but the problems for Chinese students seem even more severe. I met no university students who expected any desirable jobs. Here is an article that suggests that my own observation of Chinese students was too rosy.

"China's college graduates on average make only 300 yuan, or roughly $44, more per month than the average Chinese migrant worker, according to statistics cited over the weekend by a top Chinese labor researcher and reported today by the Beijing Times."

""It's the first time China has faced such a situation," the paper quoted Cai Fang, head of the Chinese Academy of Social Science's Institute of Population and Labor Economics, as saying Saturday at a conference on Chinese youth. "It's hard to say how long this situation will last." By Mr. Cai's calculations, college graduates have consistently earned around 1,500 yuan a month since 2003. Migrant workers, meanwhile, have seen their monthly wages rise from an average of 700 yuan to 1,200 yuan over roughly the same time period, Mr. Cai said, according to the Beijing Times."

Chin, Josh. 2010. "Value of a Chinese College Degree: $44?" Wall Street Journal China Realtime Report (22 November).

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