Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The PA Catholic white working class vote

I know something about this demographic; they are my relatives: my parents are both Irish catholics from Philadelphia, both first-generation college and thus able to get out. And I'll tell you something about the people they left behind: they're not voting overwhelmingly for Hillary becuse they like her policy ideas. They're voting for her because she's white.


minka said...

Does that mean they'll vote for McCain over Obama?

Jack said...

"Does that mean they'll vote for McCain over Obama?" Some people will shoot them self in the foot for the insurance payment. Others are still afraid of the bogey man. Still others expect that Jews have hidden horns and a tail. Lord only knows what too many others think that a black guy from Harvard has in store for them. Even a black guy that's half white. For many others such a racial mixture only reflects badly on his mother's choice of who to hang with.

I've tried to make this point in the past. It is worth contemplating since we are all equal in the voting booth, especially if we're of European ancestry. Fully one half of any population is below average intelligence. And approximately 65% are below nearly cognitively functional. Of the remaining 35% who can be measured as having some reasonable degree of intelligence, a great many of them know just enough to think that they understand the "real" motives of the political class. Another large portion of that 35%, which over laps the latter group, understands the world around them from their insightful understanding of Chris Matthews and David Brooks. We're in big trouble.