Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Woody Allen Moment

You may remember the scene from “Take the Money and Run” (if you’re as old as I am). Over and over, as he was growing up, bullies would pull Woody’s glasses from his face, throw them on the ground and smash them. Now, as an adult, he is cornered by the police after a failed heist. In a panic, he pulls his glasses off, throws them on the ground and smashes them. “See,” he says, “I did it myself.”

Fast forward to Obama post-Massachusetts, offering to shrink the beast all on his own.

Time to switch role models.


Min said...

"cornered by the policy"

Nice slip. ;)

TheTrucker said...

I can't believe the mileage the Republicans can get out of a nit. But complaining and whining about it is fruitless. The fact is that there are no "representatives" that can stand up to the corporate media. And this was actually true prior to the Supreme mistake. It is true because the, so called "progressives", shot their feet off in 1913 with the 17th amendment and then, they rolled over for the Republican assaults on representative government in 1922 and 1929. And they continue to do so, all the while believing that they (the left wing moonbats that believe in Santa, The Good Fairy, and The Big Rock Candy Mountain) can convince the majority that "compassion" (even compassion for the humpbacked silver toad and its possible extinction) should trump "justice" and "liberty". Well, it ain't workin'.

The rational middle that actually includes Liberals and conservatives is what gets left out by the MSM. And it is because the MSM deals in sensationalism. They seek the headlines that will grab the attention long enough to sell some tires or some soap. The most incendiary headline is the absolute best. And to follow it with that which will stoke the fires is always the most productive for the sponsors. Faux Noise is popular because it amplifies any and all "nits" into being at least an indirect assault on some emotional hot button. Abortion, guns, gays and God are the primaries here, but there are also big "MISTAKES" like the Supremes. And once the electorate is divided into opposing "teams" it becomes a sports event where the MSM (based on their favorite pundits) decide what is an "important play" in the political game and what conclusions are to be drawn therefrom. Massachusetts would not have placed Brown in the Senate if not for the 17th amendment. Democratic populism is a disaster.

Shag from Brookline said...

How about the scene when Woody was in solitary confinement and for further punishment an insurance saleman was sent in. Solitary punishment may not constitute cruel and unusual punishment, but .... Perhaps there is a lesson in all this for the public's understanding of the role of insurance companies in health care reform: THEY CAN MAKE YOU SICK!