Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dr Doom's Rooms

Who lives in an apartment that has "walls indented with plaster vulvas"?


8 comments: said...

Kind of funny. There was a pic of him at Davos with George Soros and Nassim Taleb. He had some gorgeous looking woman on his knee and was grinning. The other two were unadorned in such a manner.

When I saw him about a year ago, he was unadorned and looking grim and doomy.

Brenda Rosser said...

I thought it was amusing and decided to take the risk of sharing my humour with the rest of the world.

Wouldn't it be interesting to delve into the private love lives of economists for a change. Get away from all those rather boring movie stars. ;-)

Martin Langeland said...

Been done?
c.f.: "Much Ado About Nothing" ;)
Happy Shakespeare's Birthday!

--ml said...

Actually, some of them have been rather scandalous, starting with Thorstein Veblen (if not earlier) who kept being fired from academic appointments for hopping in bed with either students, colleagues' wives, or even administrators' wives.

Then there was Joseph Schumpeter, who is reputed to have had three wishes as a young man: to be the best horseman in Vienna, the best lover in Austria, and the best economists in the world, and in his old age to have claimed that he achieved two out of three, but would never reveal which two. I have this image of him on horseback pursuing a beautiful woman on horseback through the Vienna Woods while writing an economics book in his head... :-).

Brenda Rosser said...

Martin L, was that what Shakespear thought of sex? (Much Ado About Nothing)?

Veblen obviously could write about predatory instincts from his direct experience ;-) As for Schumpeter, I suspect his ambitions to be the best horseman and best economists was all aout the pursuit of women. (Hmmm...this might explain my distinct lack of ambition).

Martin Langeland said...

Shakes accommodated all comers, as witness the old theatre story about here which prompted the above facetious remark by me. It's about selling Shakespeare and has numbers in a sort of chart. So there is a vague -- very vague -- econ connection. --ml

Brenda Rosser said...

Huh! Very amusing Shakespeare image, Mr Langeland.

I would have to agree that there is a vague economics connection. What is supplied and what is demanded, maybe ;-)

Martin Langeland said...