Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craufurd Goodwin Steps Down At HOPE

The Society for the History of Economics has just annouced that Kevin Hoover will become the second editor of the History of Politial Economy (HOPE), generally accepted to be the leading journal in the history of economic thought field. He is replacing Craufurd Goodwin, who is retiring after founding the journal 40 years ago at Duke, making him the longest lasting editor of an economics journal out there. He made the journal into the leading journal that it is today, and deserves a respectful thanks from anybody who takes this field seriously. Unfortunately, it is a field that seems to be receding each year further and further from being studied by most economists, although many mistakes of thought and policy might have been avoided if more were better educated in the subject, IMHO. Anyways, thanks, Craufurd, for one of the best performances as an economics editor ever.

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