Thursday, November 3, 2011


How can the right wing blame unemployment on educational (skill) deficiencies and then shortchange the entire educational system?


Anonymous said...

That's, um, kind of broad and unenlightening.

But, I'll bite. Who is the right-wing who has blamed skill deficiencies (presumably the shortage of Americans with science and math skills), and what have they done to prevent students from acquiring such skills?

Eleanor said...

We are told people fail because they aren't properly educated. This enables us to blame the workers -- lazy louts, they didn't go to college -- instead of blaming a system that does not provide enough decent jobs and makes it difficult for workers to organize to defend themselves.

Education is shortchanged, because the right does not believe in public anything.

If working people were resourceful and hard working and able, they would be able to overcome poor education -- perhaps by getting into private schools -- and thereby rise into the upper middle class, which is the only part of the middle class that seems likely to survive.

The sad part if all the "we are the 99%" stories about kids who took on large debt, from which they can never escape, and then found out that there were no jobs. They had been told lies.

I suspect it makes more sense to look at the system, rather than listen to its defenders. And you should never, ever do anything based on advice from the defenders.

Bruce Webb said...

The Ivies and then Wharton and Harvard Business HS endowments. And feeding into thenIvies are St Albans and Choate which likewise.

The 1% have their own kids covered as to skill premium, fuck the proles and their Public Universities and Elementary Schools.

Sadly there is no contradiction here. And even the R base has their Christian Academies and Christian Colleges.

I am afraid the answer to Prof Perelman is simple as that.