Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Team Romney Responds to Paul Krugman but not to Brad DeLong

Greg Mankiw lets us know that John Taylor has responded to a brief critique from Paul Krugman. John tells us that “Paul Krugman is Wrong”. Odd that neither Greg nor John addressed the savage review from Brad DeLong. It would have been impossible to miss Brad’s critique since Paul not only linked to it but based much of what he wrote on Brad’s review. So what are we to make of this omission from Team Romney? Do they agree with everything Brad said? Or are they just not willing to have an open and honest debate on the issues?


Thiago Maciel Oliveira said...

Perhaps they don't want to feed the trolls...

mere mortal said...

The Taylor response had only three parts, two of which attempted to defend the paper's use of other researchers' work.

Unfortunately for Taylor, some of those researchers have already come out in objection to the paper's use of their work. It doesn't really matter if you quoted them correctly if they insist that the things you say using those quotes are not supported by their work.

And other part of the defense was just supply-side word salad, more or less conceding that Romney's policies do not address demand, but since they address supply, they'll be effective some day.

It's really quite something to read such transparent foolishness from people who presumably should have enough education and experience to know better.