Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sesame Street Economics

You’ve likely seen all the documentation you need to know how much Mitt Romney serially lied last night. After all – he never proposed cutting taxes by $5 trillion. And of course he’ll create 12 million new jobs by doing nothing. Actually what offended me more than this was his attempt to deny that part of the Republican agenda was to just sit back and let cash strapped state & local governments lay off public school teachers. But he did admit to one thing - Big Bird should be fired! After all – saving $445 million a year is all we need to do to magically balance the budget if you scribble it on Art Laffer’s cocktail napkin. And we all know austerity is the path to prosperity. Too bad we didn’t have The Count as Romney’s running mate so we can make sure the math all works out just right. But don’t worry about Big Bird as I hear that he is moderating the next debate.

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