Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fiscal Crock

I think I know what the grand bargain will be.  Obama will be a hero to the left by marginally increasing taxes on the people who earn more than $250,000.  Then you will cave on Social Security and Medicare while bragging about his dedication to progressive causes.  Also, in the name of reforming taxes, he will close the loophole on tax breaks that the middle class relies on by, for instance current collecting taxes on medical insurance provided by employers.


Anonymous said...


Lets hope he does not cave for much of America's sake.

ProGrowthLiberal said...

That's the deal that the Chairman of Goldman Sachs advocates. Who knew that Goldman Sachs had such progressives (cough, cough).

TheTrucker said...

I wonder if any of you really bright people would be so kind as to help define the phrase "social meritocracy". I see it in several books and I know what I think it means. But I can find no authoritative definition. It seems to me to be a welfare state capitalism with much less emphasis on "money" as capital. That is what I WANT it to mean, but I can't find any definition at all.