Friday, June 7, 2013

ObamaCare in California – Reuters Rehashes Avik Roy’s Lie

It saddens me that Reuters wrote this:
Healthcare policy expert and Forbes commentator Avik Roy said that prices were in fact going up as much as 146 percent for some people compared with those for individual plans for sale now in California.
There was absolutely no qualification to this claim given and one can see lots of comments to this online post where the readers accepted what Roy claimed as if it were gospel. Yet, days earlier this claim was exposed to be a fraud by several writers including Rick Ungar who also write for Forbes as well as Ezra Klein and Jonathan Cohn. The coverage of how Roy misrepresented this issue was so thorough, it is hard to imagine how these two Reuters reporters missed it. And yet they repeat the claim as if it were the truth. And we wonder why the rightwing spin machine continues to succeed.


chris said...

Good reason never to pay Reuters much attention. Ignore it.

Barry DeCicco said...

I'm glad that you're willing to use the L word here. The biggest advantage liars can have is people refusing to call them liars.