Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tesla v. the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Tesla is not happy with Governor Christie:
Since 2013, Tesla Motors has been working constructively with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) and members of Governor Christie’s administration to defend against the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers’ (NJ CAR) attacks on Tesla’s business model and the rights of New Jersey consumers. Until yesterday, we were under the impression that all parties were working in good faith. Unfortunately, Monday we received news that Governor Christie’s administration has gone back on its word to delay a proposed anti-Tesla regulation so that the matter could be handled through a fair process in the Legislature. The Administration has decided to go outside the legislative process by expediting a rule proposal that would completely change the law in New Jersey. This new rule, if adopted, would curtail Tesla’s sales operations and jeopardize our existing retail licenses in the state ... We strongly believe it is vital to introduce our own vehicles to the market because electric cars are still a relatively new technology. This model is not just a matter of selling more cars and providing optimum consumer choice for Americans, but it is also about educating consumers about the benefits of going electric, which is central to our mission to accelerate the shift to sustainable transportation, a new paradigm in automotive technology.
In fairness, we should note that Arizona and Texas have also decided to side with the established retailers of automobiles in restricting competition. And any economist might note that if a citizen of Ft. Lee, New Jersey wanted to buy a Tesla, he could simply cross the George Washington Bridge and buy one in New York City. Of course, I’m assuming that the Port Authority does not decide to limit access of the bridge again.

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Unknown said...

If only Chris Christie (who would name their child that?) would ban large, sugary soft drinks, he would be a shoo-in for mayor, some where.