Thursday, August 27, 2015

Forget Shorter Showers

Another opinion...


Thornton Hall said...

You had me... Then you lost me.

It is a lie to say that the consequence of the industrial economy will be a "dead planet." It is a deliberate and knowing untruth. And the reason it works is pure hypocrisy: total human-cetroism.

On the Earth's time scale it does not matter if we cause a global extinction on the level of the PK extinction in an infinitesimal fraction of the time. The Earth will come back as it has before.

It's basically environmental NIMBYism: I want my neighborhood to never change. I don't want a totally different ecosystem that's equally varied and wonderful. I want this one! And I'll pretend that animals are humans if that's what it takes to get it!

Sandwichman said...

You think I wrote the script? I don't agree with a lot in the video but I think it also makes some compelling points.

"It is a lie to say that the consequence of the industrial economy will be a 'dead planet.'"

No. It is hyperbole, exaggeration. What do you want? Nuanced apocalypticism? Face it, Thornton, not everyone who doesn't agree 100% with you is therefore a Nazi war criminal.

Unknown said...

"Heighten the (Rhetorical) Contradictions!"

Because that overall strategy has always served the left so well.

Are showers important? I don't know. Was Gandhi operating his own spinning wheel important? Or maybe instead the dude should have had an overriding vision.
Fuck the Purity Regiment.

From this pauper's perspective the disdain of incrementalism in favor of ultimate revolution has always come easier to Parlour Pink Bougies who never seem to have worried about their next meal. But worried themselves sick because people were not "properly" presenting the current "line".

Unknown said...

To clarify my point Gandhi certainly never confused his actual production of spun cotton thread with undermining and then overthrowing the British Colonial system in all its political and economic aspects. But what it was in my opinion was a powerful call to "mindfulness" in everything that we do.

I ordered and ate most of a hamburger today. And threw the rest away. Does that make me evil? No. But would I have been remiss for not understanding that even those simple acts of ordering, eating and discarding have impacts on the Earth? Well yes indeed.