Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thank You, Maryland, Iran Nuclear Deal Will Pass

I had previously focused on the important roles of Senator Ben Cardin and Representative Steny Hoyer, both of Maryland, in reaching the necessary numbers in the US Senate and House to sustain a veto by President Obama of th expected passage of a bill that would not allow the US to support the nuclear deal negotiated with Iran and the other members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, which is already internationally legal thanks to having been passed unanimously by the UNSC.

As it is, today Maryland's other senator, Barbara Mikulski, who is retiring, has become the 34th senator to annouce support of the deal, more precisely to vote to sustain the veto, thus guaranteeing that the US will be a part of this deal after all.  Thank you Senator Mikulski, and the State of Maryland (or is it a Commonwealth?).

Now the only question is whether or not 7 more Senate Dems can be persuaded to join her, thereby being able to block the bill entirely through a sustained filibuster.  That would even be better. But the main deed is done.  The Iran nuclear deal will be in place.

Barkley Rosser

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