Sunday, November 8, 2015

What Makes Ben Lie?

What kind of "civil dialogue" is making up a nasty thing that somebody never said and attributing it to them? What kind of pathological liar feels compelled -- and authorized -- to make up things that can be easily refuted with a text search?
Never has Saul Alinsky said in any book -- or other publication -- "Never have a conversation with your adversary, because that humanizes them and your job is to demonize them." A total fabrication.


CZHA said...

How many times has Carson actually had conversations like the one he imagines? I'd guess some number between zero and none. Carson gets away with lies because he's lied for years and no one has confronted him. He's written books filled with confabulated stories of his honesty and integrity and received glowing reviews and good sales, rather than the ridicule one might otherwise expect. He's his own Parson Weems.

None of his fans ever read Saul Alinsky's work. None of his supporters wants to read any of it now.

Sandwichman said...

Walter Mitty.

Bruce Wilder said...

A certain segment of the American populace loves a fake, and in fact prefers the fake hero, because the fake never forces them to confront the reality of their own shortcomings. They can join the fake in the fantasy, and never experience doubt, anxiety, guilt, let alone the consequences, moral, material and all too corporeal of taking real risks and accepting the real costs and harms of miscalculation and error. These are the people, who thought John Wayne was a war hero. Nothing is real until it appears on television. Or the internets.

And, in American politics, it is not as if there is an alternative. They are all fakes, the Democrats are just boring fakes and liars without even a good story.

Sandwichman said...

Yes, Bruce, Ben Carson is not the real story. Ben Carson is a pasteboard cliche. The real story is the All-American Integrity Vacuum he enters into.