Monday, May 23, 2016

Econospeak Ranked 68th Among Economics Blogs

I received a message from Prateek Agarwal of  The Intelligent Economist that had a link listing the top 100 economics blogs of 2016.  It has been awhile since I have seen any of these rankings, and when last saw them, supposedly based on numbers of people linking to or looking at or whatever,  we tended to range between 40th and 70th.  So I guess we are still in that range, although Agarwal and his blog did not provide how they came about determining their ranking, which somehow did not have Noapinion on its list.  Krugman's Conscience of a Liberal was Number One.

I also note that I was identified as "the founder" of this blog.  I have sent Agarwal a message correcting him on that and pointing out that Max Sawicky was the real founder of this blog as it replaced the former MaxSpeaks, which sometimes made it into the top ten on those economics blog ranking lists.  It is true that I am one of  the two contributors who moved from MaxSpeak to Econospeak, the other being Sandwichman.  However, I am not "the founder" of Econospeak.In any case, I do enjoy being a part of Econospeak and glad that at least we have some ranking.

Addendudm-Correction:  I have just received a message from Prateek Agarwal informing me that the the numbers in the list do not imply a ranking.  So, all we know is that Econospeak is in the top 100, but where exactly, not known. 

Barkley Rosser

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MaxSpeak said...

Those early rankings were squirrelly. I doubt my page was ever really in the top ten, unless the category was really narrowly defined. At some points I was very high among political/public affairs blogs in general. Hard to believe.

It is true that I was the most awesome. I hope to resume before I die.