Friday, May 19, 2017

Jonah Goldberg’s Smear of Comey

Let me be upfront – I have zero respect for Jonah “momma’s boy” Goldberg and little respect for fellow rightwing toady Hugh Hewitt. So I did not watch their interview but I did watch Hewitt brag about this part of it:
HH: Now I want all of the Comey memos, Jonah, and I don’t think it’s a trap. I want to establish who did he keep memos about and when did he keep them? Did he keep any about Hillary Clinton? Did he keep any about Loretta Lynch? I’ve already seen one of his associates said oh, he didn’t, he never kept any on President Obama, because he trusted him. So it’s not a pattern and practice. And sometimes, FBI directors like Mueller keep handwritten notes of an important engagement, but I get the feeling that Comey was laying in wait for this guy, and that he just, he was very suspicious of him, maybe legitimately, maybe not, but that I do think it’s a trap to call Comey. I don’t think it’s going to happen now because of Mueller’s appointment, but what do you make of the Comey notetaking and this whole kind of, as Brian Williams calls it, Eliot Ness complex that James Comey has?
JG: Yeah, well, I don’t know. I’ve seen contradictory stuff about how he’s taken, he takes notes about all sorts of stuff. I’m dubious. Let me put it this way. I think it is pretty damning if he never took serious notes relating to conversations with Obama. I mean, I think that would be pretty indicative that he did have some sort of agenda.
HH: Exactly.
JG: Yeah.
Exactly? Yeah? This sounds like a couple of drunken frat boys. Actually we do not know whether Comey took notes of meetings when Obama was President. Maybe he did. We do know Trump cannot be trusted. But leave it to Momma’s Boy to smear Comey as having an “agenda”. No – the only thing damning here is how these two rightwing toadies will shill for a Republican regardless of what he did.

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