Friday, June 9, 2017

"One Hundred Percent" Fake News

No, uh-uh, false, wrong.
Trump: I'm '100 percent' willing to testify under oath -- The Hill-2 hours ago
Trump: I'm willing to testify under oath about Comey claims -- CNN-3 hours ago
Trump willing to testify to counter Comey under oath -- Talk Media News-35 minutes ago
Trump Says He'd Testify Under Oath About Comey -- Featured-The Atlantic-2 hours ago
Donald Trump did not say he was one hundred percent willing to testify under oath. He replied to a question about testifying with a word salad of obfuscation that contained the phrases "one hundred percent" and "under oath" but did not connect the two in any coherent way. Read the eff'in' transcript:
Trump's "one-hundred percent" is free floating. His two uses of the phrase "under oath" indicate that a misinterpretation or pretended misinterpretation of the question as being whether he asked Comey to pledge his loyalty under oath. So his "one hundred percent" is simply a one hundred percent denial that he demanded that Comey pledge allegiance to him under oath. There is no commitment in the exchange to testify under oath.

Of course, even if Trump had committed one hundred percent to testifying under oath, there would be no way to compel him to honor his commitment and he almost certainly would not do so.

Trump will not testify under oath and he will not release his tax returns.


Vicki said...

Even if he did testify under oath, he recognizes no oaths other than to himself.

ProGrowthLiberal said...

Karl set Trump up by garbling the original question. Karl asked Trump if Comey asked Trump for a loyalty pledge. And of course the answer was no. Sort of the worst Q&A ever.

Sandwichman said...

Yes. Karl must have been drinking some of John McCain elixer. "Did President Comey ask Inspector Trump to swear loyalty under oath? Tune in next week...