Saturday, May 11, 2019

HELHAVEN, the Mighty Paradisal Culture-Bubble on the Moon

Question for Jeff Bezos: Will your orbiting space habitats have Whipping Rooms?


Anonymous said...

The print is difficult for at least me to read comfortably, but I read the passage carefully. The problem is that I learned nothing from the passage. Please explain what I should have learned, since I have trouble with such "irony."

Anonymous said...

Also, I meant my criticism and request to be respectful for I admire your work, but please do explain.

mike shupp said...

Anonymous --

There's a question of whether the "varied" cultures that might exist in a set of such orbital settlements if autonomous should or might include "aberrant" cultures.

I think we might agree that a settlement which adopts a Nazi-style of rule and expels into space or kills off Jews by other means ought to at least quarantined or opposed by some sort of action on the part of other settlements. What about an "all-American" O'Neill colony which decides to expel blacks, Hispanics, Moslems and other non-Christians? Do we just shrug and say "whatever"? Should the US government adopt a policy of defending that colony, vocally or with weapons, from other nations and space settlements which oppose it?

TL;DR -- Bezos may envision marvelous jewel-sparkling variety in future space settlements, but human onrariness and perversity will inevitably mar reality.

Sorry about that -- and I speak as an almost unhinged space buff myself.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation. I have no knowledge of science fiction, so this was strange to me.

Sandwichman said...


This post was just a place-holder to establish the link between Bezos's space fantasy and Kenneth Burke's earlier satire. I am writing a longer, more comprehensive piece that I will post soon.