Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Eco-Fascism Roundup

Below is a collection of essays written in the wake of the El Paso mass shooting and the alleged shooter's manifesto:

What is Eco-Fascism, the Ideology Behind Attacks in El Paso and Christchurch?
Luke Darby

The Eco-Fascism of the El Paso Shooter Haunts the Techno-Optimism of the Left
Jesse Goldstein
Society + Space

Eco-Fascisms and Eco-Socialisms
Max Ajl
Verso Books

After the El Paso Massacre, the Choice Is Green Socialism or Eco-Fascism
Jeet Heer
The Nation

El Paso Terrorism Suspect’s Alleged Manifesto Highlights Eco-Fascism’s Revival
Alexander C. Kaufman

Eco-Fascism: the Racist Theory That Inspired the El Paso and Christchurch Shooters
Tess Owen
Vice News

Eco-fascism: The ideology marrying environmentalism and white supremacy thriving online
Sarah Manavis
New Statesman

The El Paso Shooter Embraced Eco-Fascism. We Can’t Let the Far Right Co-Opt the Environmental Struggle.
Natasha Lennard
The Intercept

To Fight Hate, Celebrate Capitalism
Jeffrey A. Tucker
American Institute for Economic Education

Goats and Dogs, Eco-Fascism and Liberal Taboos
Tom Walker (Sandwichman)

UPDATE:here are some more articles & essays

Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out 
Nicholas Kulish and Mike McIntire
New York Times

Eco-fascism: justifications of terrorist violence in the Christchurch mosque shooting and the El Paso shooting
Berhard Forchtner
Open Democracy

An alternative to the new wave of ecofascism
Micah White

The Menace of Eco-Fascism
Matthew Phelan
New York Review Daily

Nature writing’s fascist roots
Richard Smyth
New Statesman

Understanding the Alt-Right's Growing Fascination with 'Eco-Fascism'
By Tom Bennett
Vice News

Eco-fascism is undergoing a revival in the fetid culture of the extreme right
Jason Wilson


Anonymous said...

August, 2019

Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out

Cordelia Scaife May, an heir to the Mellon fortune, went from an environmental-minded socialite to an ardent nativist whose money helped sow the seeds of President Trump’s anti-immigration agenda.

Anonymous said...

Here is the working link:

I think what you are doing is important, though frightening.

Anonymous said...

I would welcome further analysis on this matter, which has startled me. I notice that the Guardian had an article about the matter today.

Sandwichman said...

Got it! Thanks.

'Bees, not refugees': the environmentalist roots of anti-immigrant bigotry
Susie Cagle
The Guardian