Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Putin Beating Up People At Russia's Top University

That would be Moscow State University, the "Harvard" of Russia.

Not in the MSM at all, but I have mu sources, and apparently sometime last week the FSB, the successor to the domestic  arm of the old  KGB, raised Moscow State (whose main building is one of those "Stalin Gothic" skyscrapers) to capture a student who had been posting leaflets on walls protesting recent government actions.  He was reortedly taken into the library and severely beaten to the point of torture.

Oh yes, VV Putin is such a lover of knowledge and science, just like his flunky, Donald J. Trump.

Happy Thanksgiving, you all.

Addendum: Apparently the student was accused of "terrorism."

Barkley Rosser

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pgl said...

I can only imagine how I would be treated at a Trump rally if I decided to tell his crowds the truth.