Thursday, December 12, 2019

Stealing The 2016 Election?

I have been watching the later stages of the still-ongoing House  Judiciary Comm hearing on impeaching Trump.  I have seen Republicans repeatedly ranting on about how this is an effort to undo the "popular election" of Trump, the will of the "63 million" who voted for Trump.

Really, how dumb are these people? Hillary had three million more than Trump, 66 million.  He was not the popular winner.  What a joke.

Of course impeachment is explicitly an undoing of an election result.  The person elected, even ones who actually won the popular vote such as Nixon and Clinton, is charged with having engaged in conduct meaning they should be removed.  Quite aside from the hypocritical idiocy of ranting over Trump's "popular" election, this claim about elections and impeachment is simply ridiculous.

Barkley Rosser


2slugbaits said...

And even if the impeachment were to result in a conviction in the Senate, it would simply make Vice-President Pence the next POTUS, not Nancy Pelosi. And to the best of my knowledge, Pence was on the same ticket with Trump. So in what sense is that "undoing" the election? That said, I do know a few not-so-bright MAGA hatters who sincerely believe Nancy Pelosi would become President if Trump is convicted. Sadly, those same folks vote.

pgl said...

There were so many ridiculous lies yesterday I had to turn the entire charade off. My favorite - did you know the word 'demand' never appeared in the July 25 call transcript so Trump never could have demanded dirt on Biden. Are these Republicans this stupid or do they just assume their voters are the dumbest people ever?

pgl said...

"I do know a few not-so-bright MAGA hatters"

It would be interesting to observe the IQs of people who wear those MAGA hats. Something tells me that the average IQ is less than 50. Of course there is a cause and effect issue here. Does wearing that hat lower one's IQ? Or is it that the only people who buys those hats already had a very low IQ.

kevin quinn said...

Did you notice the endlessly iterated (among the R's) condemnation of the attempt to "impeach a DULY ELECTED president" with the absurd implication that only someone not duly elected can be impeached! So I can be impeached, as can Barkley or PGL, since none of us has been duly elected president, but no actual president can be!! As Homer would say, "D'oh!"