Saturday, May 23, 2020

For The Record About These Ads

Yet again I am upset that we are getting ads for Trump here.  I have made an inquiry to a knowledgeable person, and I have not been given a clear explanation for why all these ads are appearing here, with there seeeming to be more and more of them all the time.  I do wish to say that I do not believe any of us are getting  any money for any of this; I certainly am not.  And I wish they would go away.  But I do not know how to do it, and nobody else around here that I have communicated with seems to know either, although I suppose it is possible somebody has done something to let this happen and is getting money.  But if they are, they are covering it up.

So, I apologize to one and all who find the ads either annoying or, worse yet, downright offensive, which is how I view the Trump ones.  Sorry about this.

Barkley Rosser

3 comments: said...

BTW, there is another of these pro-Trump ads up right now. I know that at Angry Bear they consciously allow ads, and it seems maybe they have more control over them as Inever see pro-Trump ones up there. Heck, when are we going to see any pro-Biden ones? I have not seen any here so far.

2slugbaits said...

Look at the bright side. Even if you aren't getting any money from the ads, the Trump campaign is still having to cough up a few bucks to somebody. Since no one who visits this site is stupid enough to vote for Trump, I view the money that went towards those ads as a bad investment by Team Trump. Every dollar going to ads on this site means one less dollar going to ads on other media sites that might attract less intelligent voters who could be swayed by Trump junk. So consider yourselves as doing us all a public service by draining Trump's re-election monies. Thanks for taking one for the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Agree - each time we see a Trump ad, let's use it as a reminder to vote in November for any functioning adult (the Democratic nominee in this case)!