Tuesday, December 29, 2020

How is it?

Why then is it that no existing society, nor society that ever had existence, has arrived at this point of time, considering that in all times, and in all societies, excepting only the very barbarous, a few years would naturally have led to it?
How is it too, it might be added, that notwithstanding the unbounded extent of our capital, the progressive improvement and wonderful perfection of our machinery, our canals, roads, and of all other things that can either facilitate labour, or increase its produce; our labourer, instead of having his labours abridged, toils infinitely more, more hours, more laboriously, than the first Celtic savage that crossed over from the Cimmerian Chersonesus, and took possession of the desert island?

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Anonymous said...

I am fortunate or consider myself so, in that I love working and have long been surrounded by people who loved working. My parents love working and will continue as long as they are physically able to. The question for me would be having work be "rewarding." I know that for many people work is unrewarding and that is what I would go after.

Look at what is happening in rural China in terms of work, as compared to rural India. China is making rural work rewarding in a profound way. That rural Chinese continue to work as they are better rewarded, makes sense to me.