Friday, March 12, 2021

Falun Glenn




Anonymous said...

I was dreadfully wrong and I am very, very sorry I was critical.

What a fool I was to have criticized you, and how intolerably lax of Glenn Greenwald to not check an essential source. Ian Goodrum is of course completely reliable.

I knew that the cult was trying to ruin the candidacy of Joe Biden, since with others I found a fancy-wrapped cult newspaper outside my door in the fall and noticed the paper was at the doors of my neighbors homes. I looked at the name of the paper, there was a fearsome headline, I was immediately frightened, and put the paper in the trash immediately after.

What a fool I was. I am so very sorry to have criticized you.

Please forgive me.

Anonymous said...

The cult reporter mentioned is as Ian Goodrum described. I know the name simply because the cult reporter is so notorious.

Well, I learned a sorely valuable lesson from Sandwichman.

Sandwichman was completely right and I was completely wrong.

I gratefully apologize, and only hope to be forgiven.

Sandwichman said...

No worries, anne. You are forgiven.

Anonymous said...

As for the cult, the purpose is the ruin of China. A recent column in the New York Times was pointed out to me as having been written by a cult writer, and of course the column, simply judging from the frightening title, was meant to be destructive.

As for the reporter I initially defended, failing to learn about a source is intolerable. Though I immediately dismissed the article, I know the reporter has been repeating the article.

"Sandwichman" is thorough and incisive, and I need to be ever more so. I learned an important lesson.

Anonymous said...

As for the "preconceived notions," Ian Goodrum was of course correct.

Sandwichman understood.

Anonymous said...

Thinking carefully, I wonder whether the mistake in attribution made by Glenn Greenwald was calculated. After all the article is still being pushed by Greenwald after all this time, after having been told of the nature of the source by Ian Goodrum in December.

There are other problems I now realize, and for helping me I am entirely indebted to Sandwichman.

Sandwichman said...

I wish I could believe the misleading attribution was a mistake. But Greenwald is a journalist who specializes in denouncing other journalists' shady sources (See "Russiagate"). He has had three months to retract or "clarify" his earlier story with almost exclusive reliance on a cult propagandist's conspiracy theory. Crickets. Meanwhile "Falun Glenn" has become a meme on twitter.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could believe the misleading attribution was a mistake....

[ I do not think the attribution was a mistake; too much effort went to the articles, too much time passed after the source was publicly identified, too much of an expressed need to denounce other journalists for suppressing material... A seeming need there to be a China link, in particular.

I agree completely. You are superb. ]

Anonymous said...


I read the accusing article by Glenn Greenwald and was appalled. The content apart from the malicious source immediately tells me that the supposed remarks on China's supposed influence on an American elite by way of Wall Street and before Trump are completely false. The falseness of the content is completely transparent. The maliciousness is transparent.

I would never have read the article were it not for you, for I thought the subject was ridiculous. Though the article is especially unfortunate, I am grateful to you for leading me back to it.

Then too, the content of the article tells me the reporter was beyond careless. This is an article designed to harm President Biden and to harm China as well.

[ The cult and cult source are always, always malicious. Good grief. ]