Wednesday, June 23, 2021

TimeWork Web Reloaded

Publication of my article, "The Ambivalence of Disposable Time: The Source and Remedy of the National Difficulties at Two Hundred," felt very much like the culmination of a 26-year long research project that began when I answered a call for proposals from the B.C. Ministry of Employment and Investment. My proposal included a research hub website, which was pretty innovative for 1995. It turns out that no research contract was awarded because a provincial government spending freeze terminated the selection process. But the proposed website materialized as the TimeWork Web and endured until 2004 when it was integrated into the Work Less Party website as a resource for the Work Less Institute of Technology.

I had the old html files from 1995 and 2004 on hand so I decided to revive the TimeWork Web with pages featuring the publications that have resulted from the project, a couple of upcoming conference presentations and, of course, the historical archives from 1995, 2004 and a middle one I call "1999" reconstructed from files retrieved from the Internet Archives Wayback Machine.

There is also a pop-up economics page that embeds animated videos produced by Reuben Walker of three of my pop-up books along with a brief summary of the contributions of the theorists the books celebrate: Charles Wentworth Dilke, Sydney J. Chapman and Arthur O. Dahlberg.

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