Wednesday, September 10, 2008

D. H. Lawrence with Penelope Cruz Thrown In

My apologies for going middlebrow, but that's my take on the new Woody Allen movie, “Vicky Christina Barcelona”. PC almost pulls it out. Since this is an economics blog, I’d like to ask, has anyone else noticed that the money just seems to be there in Woodyland? People have jobs mainly as a source of identity, but in fact they just pass Go every now and then, and their bank accounts are recharged so they can enjoy the comfortable life without worrying about how much it costs. Only in this magical world would a woman’s choice between a young Wall St. go-getter and a “bohemian” artist have no financial implications.

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Well, it did seem that at least "lifestyle" was an issue in Vicky's decisions, with that big house in Greenwich being bandied about, although she seemed rather bored by the prospect. Maybe the choice did not seem starker given that the "Bohemian artist" had a father whose house was pretty darned picturesque and charming (and the visit to which coincided with the general shift to her becoming more open to him), not to mention the fact that the Bohemian artist himself had a pretty nice house, although she did not see that before she slept with him.