Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing the Obamawatch Lottery

I am offering a prize of $1 to the person who comes closest to guessing the date at which BHO first takes a courageous action that significantly challenges the ridh and powerful. I will begin with the date 2020.


BruceMcF said...

I'm far more confident in you in the likelihood of this happening. I'm thinking a pardon that ticks off some rich and powerful people, January 19, 2017.

Indeed, I'll go further and say it'll be a pardon sandwich, with that one slipped in between two pardons of rich and powerful people.

Shag from Brookline said...

Is this contest aimed at 2020 foresight? Will BHO challenge his own class? And is there a suggestion that in 2020 BHO would be finishing, with the benefit of a constitutional amendment, a third term?

By the way, I'm not an economist, but what will $1 be worth in 2020?

Jack said...

I see nothing to suggest that Obama is intending to make changes in the structure of our economy. It would take little more than that he begin to push for tax legislation that hits real high at incomes over $500,000 per year, all earnings of all types included.

Anonymous said...

The difficulty with making a guess in this case is that Washington is the problem: The diversion of social resources to military spending is at least as much of a problem as the concentration of wealth. In fact, military spending is the most extreme form of this concentration, since such spending adds nothing to consumption, while padding profits handsomely.

That said, I believe O's advisers have assured him his latest stimulus plan should show results by the Fall, 2009. About that time, he will be getting antsy about prospect for the 2010 elections.

So, my guess is November 2009, with an additional 5.6 to 7 million unemployed, and pronounced, sustained deflation evident, he will forced to change course, and fire his current crop of advisers.