Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guns Not A Right Anywhere But US

The gun nuts can go to hell. They have managed recently to get the US Supreme Court to change the longstanding interpretation of the Second Amendment from its emphasis on providing for a militia in a period when there was no DOD, to an absolute right to own guns. If you listen to them, this right is up there with the First Amendment ones about speech, religion, press, and assembly. Wrong. While there are many nations on this planet who embarrass themselves by having some or all of those in their constitutions or laws while violating them severely (which the US does on occasion as well), there is no nation on the planet other than the US very recently that accepts the idea that there is some fundamental right to own guns. We are now seeing the fruits of this misguided belief.


KeesKennis said...

Stupid is as stupid does.
Here in Africa, only the criminals and the Government, but I repeat myself, have guns.

rosserjb@jmu.edu said...

Oh, so it is either let lunatics get Glock semi-automatics or only criminals and the authorities will have guns. Nice, try, Kees, but this is just a variation on one of the stupider and more drively lines the NRA beats people up with all the time.

Unknown said...

If more guns make us safer, shouldn't we by extension of that logic arm all counties with nukes? Of course that sounds insane to most people, that's the point.