Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lenovo Sucks: My Computer Held Hostage

Unbeknownst to me, my computer ended up somewhere in England, just before I have to leave town to address a delegation of Chinese visitors.

Up till now, I have had great luck with my computer. When I had a problem, I could send it back overnight, have it repaired the next day and have it come back on the following day. This time I only needed to repair a latch on the computer. I sent the computer back on Monday morning. I followed its movement to Lexington, Kentucky, where it got stuck. I was advised not to worry he was about to move again to nearby Memphis, where it was to be repaired.

UPS finally agreed to do a search for my computer. Later, they discovered that it was sitting in England. My computer then flew back to Lexington, Kentucky, not far from Memphis. My problem was that now on my problem was that now it had to pass through customs, where, UPS told me that it could take as much as a couple weeks to clear.

When I called Lenovo requesting a loaner, I got escalated up a couple levels to where I was told that the agent could do nothing more but to send a memo to somebody who was otherwise unreachable, and who would contact me sometime next week.


MCAndre said...

That does suck. Logistics, management, customer service... Contrast that with Apple, which tends to be quick, responsive, and pleasant. Plus Macs hardly ever have to be repaired.

Eleanor said...

This is angering. A partial solution would be to have two computers and keep all files on both. This sort of works for me, though I don't always remember to transfer files back and forth. However, having the computer shipped out of the country and then have to come back through US Customs is creepy.

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