Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Taglines for Rubio

His latest bot episode has sent me to the drawing board:

“Vote for Rubio!  Do you really want to go through the rest of the primaries without him?”

“Rubio: he’s one weird dude.”

“Rubio for President: Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong Go Wrong Go Wrong Go Wrong...”

Or you can play a game with it:

Who’s Marco’s favorite painter?  Botticelli.

Who’s Marco’s favorite chess player?  Botvinnik.

What’s Marco’s favorite country?  Botswana.

And so on.  Let the comments begin.


Sandwichman said...

The RU-B.4io upgrade -- now with instant replay! ."It's like deja vu all over again."

Sandwichman said...

"Well, Marco, you can say that again!"

"I just did, Chris."

"I just did, Chris."

"I just did, Chris."

"I just did, Chris."

Sandwichman said...

"Let's play house."

"Please change my dress."

"I love you."


Will the Chatty Cathy/Marco Rubio mashup go viral?

Sandwichman said...

"We pull the ring... and you say eleven different things."

kevin quinn said...

Peter: We have to dispel with this notion that Marco is a bot -

Sandwichman said...

Kevin is right. A bot would never make the mistake "dispel with."

Bruce Webb said...

What's Rubio's favorite combo at Chipolte? Botela de Cerveza y Botulismo