Friday, April 28, 2017

Reader Mail and Rand A'Pauling

Responding to my post chastising Woodford for (in effect) assuming that housing prices prior to the unwinding contained no bubble component, reader Narina writes:

"I am a private lender, my company provides loans of all kinds with an interest rate of 2% only. It is a financial opportunity at your door step, apply today and get your quick loans."

Thanks for that astute comment, Narina!  It's wonderful to have such close readers of what one writes, able to hone in on  the weak points of one's argument with lasar-like precision. I stand corrected. I did overlook the fact that there is a "financial opportunity at my doorstep," - which ought to have tempered my criticism of Woodford. 

Meanwhile, the  invaluable Josh Marshall points out that Senator Rand Paul has signed up to teach a course at GWU on dystopian visions. Who better? Libertarianism: the war of all against all.


Milton D. Lower said...

Good comment, Kevin. Hope all goes well with you.

kevin quinn said...

Milton!! Hail and well- met? How are you?

Milton D. Lower said...

Kevin: Would like to catch upa bit. You can contact me at the email address below