Friday, April 12, 2019

Is Stephen Moore a Gold Bug?

A lot of the criticisms of putting the twin village idiots known as Herman Cain and Stephen Moore on the FED assert that they are gold bugs. Kate Riga watched CNN when Erin Burnett interviewed Stephen Moore on this allegation:
Stephen Moore tries to flip-flop on the gold standard — but Erin Burnett is prepared and armed with a montage of his past statements
Watch and enjoy! Now Moore did say he would prefer targeting an index of commodity prices, which led me to FRED and its Global Price Index of All Commodities. Moore has not be all that specific how his commodity price target would work but let’s speculate his index would be a lot like this one. Suppose the FED targeted commodity prices to be where they were in 2005 since this index is based where it would equal 100 in 2005. Just imagine how a Moore monetary policy would have worked say during the booming 1990’s. Commodity prices were low so his policy prescription would have been massively expansionary during a booming economy. For much of the period from 2007 to 2014, we would have had a contractionary monetary policy even as U.S. aggregate demand was often incredibly weak. In other words, his commodity price based monetary policy would be about as destabilizing as was monetary policy under the gold standard.


RW said...

More than anything else, Stephen Moore appears to be a socioeconomic factotum, promoting whatever his sponsors pay him to promote: Gold bug yesterday, commodity bug today, Bitcoin bug tomorrow; whatever it's all grist for the autocracy mill.

It is a continuing source of some interest if not surprise that a country in which cons from carny to network marketing thrive has so much trouble publicly identifying ballyhoo as ballyhoo.

Anonymous said...

RW - precisely right. All his life Moore has written precisely what his political masters told him to write. Zero credibility and even less intellectual ability. said...

Unfortunately he may get approved given that Cain is so much worse, and the GOP senators blocking Cain will feel presssure to give Trump one, in this case, Moore.