Sunday, November 10, 2019

OK, Who Approved Of The Ads Here Now?

And not only that, presumably they are paying money to put them on, so who is getting that money?  I am not, although it may not amount to much.  Hey, I see there  are not nearly as many as on Angry Bear, where I find them to be obnoxiously in one's face, and they are pretty low key.  But, personally, I would rarther not have them and I sure as hell was never asked by anybody if I did want them.

This is also a message to those who may think I should be getting rid of weird stuff showing up in posts that I am not the person in charge of that.  So I guess I also have no say on whether we get ads, much less what they will be for.  Heck, I saw some survey about Trump.  I do not even want to see his m--f--g face here at all.

Barkley Rosser


pgl said...

Let me echo this. I have no control of what gets allowed in the comment box or the ads either. I'm grateful for having this platform and I'll take responsibility for what I write (yes Mayor Bloomberg - that one was just me). But that's it!

Dan Crawford said...

In getting improvements and repair, updates and such costs about $1000 a year.

Changing over to a responsive site (iphones etc) will be expensive, upgrades past wp 5.0 difficult etc. Boring and low key. The money at AB goes into this sort of one is paid either.

Dan Crawford said...

I believe the ads respond to what cookies you have on your computer. Econospeak ads are more personalized that way....right now on the left side are ads for mouse control..

You should use a 'free' ad blocker. said...

Maybe, Don. I simply do not know what is going on. A major reason I have put this up is that a lot of people think I am in charge of this blog, and I get lots of emails from people making all knnds of demand that I am supposed to do, but I am not. Those who handle details are behind the scenes and do not post, so I am not going to name them. If this is coming in without having anything to do with them or anybody else, fair enough, good to know. In any case, it most definitely was not me who approved or started these ads, if you are seeing them.

Dan Crawford said...


I sympathize. On the other hand this comment section indicates how the big bucks (spam patrol and filters) helps.... :)

Sandwichman said...

It ain't me. I'm guessing it was some sleeper in the blogger terms of service account that they're now activating?