Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Stealing Signs

 I know this is a widespread basically trivial matter, but since I had posted earlier about all of the BLM signs on my block (including at our house) accompanied more recently by signs related to the various political races (we have a Senate race, as well as House, and city council here) on the block, where we had some apparently hostile drivebys some while ago.

So last night somebody came and stole all the signs off our block that were not clearly for a GOP candidate in some race, with all the BLM signs going, including ours.  I really do not like the idea of somebody coming on my property and stealing something, even if it is just a political sign.  Oh well.

Barkley Rosser


2slugbaits said...

What do you want to bet that whoever stole those signs also has a "Blue Lives Matter" flag and a law & order sign on their lawn? And is completely oblivious to the irony.

Fred C. Dobbs said...

('They' are just trying to slow
down the looming 'Democrat-led
coup', scheduled for November 3.)

Riled Up: Misinformation Stokes Calls for Violence on Election Day

NY Times - October 13

Baseless claims are circulating online about a Democrat-led
coup, inflaming tensions in an already turbulent election season.

marcel proust said...

I'm disappointed. From the title, I thought this post would be about the Houston Astros.

Anonymous said...

Marcel that is hilarious!

Fred C. Dobbs said...

15-foot sign supporting Biden, Harris destroyed

via @BostonGlobe - October 10

(Dalton is in far-western MA, almost in NY.)

The sign stood for less than a day before it burned to the ground.

On Friday evening, Dicken Crane was baling hay on his farm with Peter Bardin, one of the farmhands.

Bardin was facing a massive sign — 19 bales of hay stacked on each other, painted red and blue on top of a white covering that made the bales look like giant marshmallows — that expressed support for the Democratic presidential ticket, former vice president Joe Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris.

Then he turned around.

When Bardin turned back about a minute later, he saw the 15-foot-tall structure ablaze. It had been erected less than 24 hours earlier on Holiday Brook Farm by the farm crew.

Lonnie Durfee, 49, of Dalton, is facing charges of burning personal property in connection with the blaze, police said Saturday morning. He will be arraigned at Central Berkshire District Court on Tuesday.

Crane expected some kind of vandalism to befall the giant political sign, he said, but nothing of such dramatic proportions.

“We’re not afraid. We were very much expecting there would be something that would happen,” Crane said in a phone interview Saturday morning. “I never expected someone to try to light it on fire. That we did not expect.”

Plumes of smoke filled the sky as firefighters battled the blaze. It was under control within 45 minutes, Crane said. Fire department officials could not be reached for comment. ...

Dalton farmer resurrects massive political sign following fire — with a new message

via @BostonGlobe - October 12