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The Blindfolded Scaffolding Begins to Unfold

We sense too little for the process of containment to unfold. Yet phenomenologists focus on early representations from the scaffolding for subsequent events in front of the now not-blindfolded infants. Infants looked at longer aspects of the psychoanalytic scaffolding: how reverie can be and is being a weird kind of blindfold. 

Since our dynamical, reciprocal exchanges unfold and lead to changes -- gaze-following behavior of another blindfolded person in which students were blindfolded and presented with a series of interstitial spaces that unfold between them. It follows that any better instructional scaffolding to students by tapping behavioral dynamics that unfold in the variations of student problem solving by being blindfolded to problem difficulty. As a member of the urban landscape and theatre, scaffolding seem temporarily to lead a group, or to lead a blindfolded person and the empowerment that brings there, in that underground space, the blindfolded audience a separate, private show begins to unfold.

While mothers showing adaptive scaffolding accounting for infants' feedback to the learner in the form of scaffolding and/or guidance from a coach or mentor, strengthening the scaffolding upon which we experience our lives to the target length, which is transferred to the blindfolded student (right) by repeated trials. Pat was thrown across those who watch all of the pieces unfold in time and space, and Robertson instructed her by asking how the story might unfold in today's world, and how it might examine events as they unfold (in particular, the scaffolding of using narrators was no longer of the children being blindfolded, experiencing the trauma again, or seeing it unfold before their eyes). Furthermore, we should unfold the time t and allow the As we can see from the above discussion, scaffolding not only, regular training, and blindfolded testing sessions whereas, the kind of concrete and scaffolding and crowds and cars, lorries,,, 

The inputs to here, one will also find most of the scaffolding with which Marx blindfolded but didn't know in which direction it was tracing how capitalist contradictions unfold is also the way that actual experiment participants are blindfolded, and the crucial role of mutual responsiveness in the scaffolding of our day-to-day life unfold: the existence and ubiquity of such qualities of experience that unfold during such go-along encounters that interact, one way or another, with the unfolding activity of our neural and bodily apparatus are apt (at best) for mere support and scaffolding by their best tools and technologies.

Ha ha. I could do this bit blindfolded.

In the concepts of scaffolding and the extended mind as long as the interaction process continues to unfold in this. Participants are located in separate rooms, blindfolded, given the novel’s postmodernist scaffolding as prime means. The story would unfold during the fragile interstices of a tense. I was still clinging to the scaffolding pole as he slaughtered. Then the blindfolded participants are left to sway in place. When they took off the blindfolds, men somehow had to hang on. Why transport a blindfolded victim on a bicycle? One of the fishermen volunteered to be blindfolded and toss their faces wrapped in cloth. That leaves them featureless, they seek beyond that wall of quattrocento blue a beauty that is a fiction of themselves -- and do not find it, blindfolded by love. 

Vietnam Stress is like running blindfolded with weights on. These of coping and transformation that began to unfold. Often the faulty scaffolding builds new scaffolding on which to develop not just these experiences in more depth, when it collapsed.


Anonymous said...

A brilliantly humane essay that needed to be written in the style of Derrida:

October 14, 2004

What Derrida Really Meant

Mark C. Taylor is a professor of the humanities at Williams College and a visiting professor of architecture and religion at Columbia.

Sandwichman said...

Thank you! The essay both is and is not gibberish. I realized after I had finished it that my procedure for generating it aped my actual research process. "Aped" in the sense of an infinite number of chimpanzees typing at an infinite number of typewriters.

The algorithm for selecting sentence fragments was Google Scholar's. I used the search terms "unfold," "blindfolded" and "scaffolding," which I had selected from a list of all the words containing the root word fold. I selected those three words as somehow seeming more pregnant with meaning than many of the other words. I could have chosen "billfold," "centerfold" and "enfolded" for a different perspective.

My choice of the root word "fold" was deliberate. I make pop-up books and thus I am alert to philosophical discussions of folding. David Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order is entirely about enfolding and unfolding. The word "implicate" comes from the Latin root plicare, as do literally dozens of English words ranging from "appliances" to "unemployment."

Bohm's theory is something like (I am taking enormous liberties here) a version of the whole universe is folded up in each part of the universe. As applied to text, one might propose that each text enfolds (in some inscrutable manner) the entire universe of text. Think of it this way: there are 591 words in the above essay; by rearranging just those words into new sentences one might be able to construct a passable precis of, say, Wuthering Heights.

That would, of course, be pointless. With much less effort one could get such a summary from Wikipedia. But my point is that one might plausibly be able to generate insightful analysis from procedurally-generated texts.

In fact, our texts are already procedurally-generated, as I realized after composing the above essay. We are cyborg writers. Walter Benjamin commented on this process nearly a century ago:

"[a]lready today, as the contemporary mode of knowledge production demonstrates, the book is an obsolete mediation between two different card filing systems. For everything essential is to be found in the note boxes of the researcher who writes it, and the reader who studies it assimilates it into his or her own note file..."

Sandwichman said...

I might add that this post has already received more "views" than my previous "serious" post received in its first 24 hours, suggesting to me that "readership" of any particular post is -- up to a certain point -- an entirely random (or should I say algorithmic?) event.

I could, perhaps, produce the illusion of an audience by mentioning Kim Kardashian and Joe Rogan in each post.

Anonymous said...

As fine an explanation as essay, but I find a humanism as with Derrida rather than a nihilism that I would object to. Nicely, nicely, meaningfully done.

Anonymous said...

Please read the essay on Derrida, to which I referred. I immediately thought of the essay when I read this post and this post will help me read more incisively from here.

I do like the metaphor of foldings.

Sandwichman said...

I did read the essay on Derrida. Thank you for mentioning it!