Wednesday, November 30, 2022

So Much For The Iran Nuclear Deal

 Sorry you have not seen me here for awhile. My laptop on which I am able to post here was out of commission, but now has been fixed.

Well, it was not the US beating Iran in the World Cup. It is that the Europeans, especially the British, French, and Germans, have had it with Iran over the combination of their bloody attempts to suppress the ongoing demonstrations over the law that women must wear the hijab, as well as Iran's overt supplying of Russia with drones to attack Ukraine. They have now come to oppose further negotiations with Iran over the JCPOA nuclear deal.  I do not see this changing barring major changes in the current situation.

Frankly, I think the leaders in Iran could just bend on this hijab law. Heck, it is not something in the Qur'an. But an Iranian friend of mine says they view this as a slippery slope situation. If they give on that, then they will just lose total control.

I think Biden could have just gone back in to the deal when he first got in to office, although there were some details that needed to be straightened out, given that the Iranians had also eventually gotten out of compliance. But I think it could have been done, with Biden being too cautious and looking over his shoulder at Congress. Once they got in to dragged out negotiations it just all went to heck, never could pin it down.

Of course, the underlying problem goes back to Trump withdrawing from the deal when Iran was adhering to it. He claimed he would get a better one, but, of course, did not do so.  The upshot was the replacement of the more moderate government with the current hardliners who are convinced they cannot get rid of their silly hijab law.  Bah!

Barkley Rosser


Not Trampis said...

two problems inter-related.
It was you yanks who broke your word on the deal. Why would Iran trust you again?

The present government who came in because of the broken agreement are quite heinous.

run75441 said...


Glad to see you back. Dan and I were talking about you. Thought you might have taken a long holiday. I suggested you took an extended vacation.

I agree that Biden should have put Iran to bed when he first took office. With everything else he did economically, Iran would have slipped to the background and maybe not supplied Russian with drones, etc. said...

This post now out of date. Apparently the Iranian morality police have disbanded and the law demanding hijab wearing may be out. The protesters appear to have won.

So, maybe the deal might yet get back on.

Anonymous said...

Hope springs external and that is quite a development however the cooperation with Russia and improvements in missile technology and drones and support of Syria / Hezbollah remain major stumbling blocks. The irony is that the people of Iran are likely more pro US than those in some countries like Saudia Arabia.