Thursday, July 24, 2008


by the Sandwichman

Evidence of the insane prejudice against shorter work time in the Anglo-American media, headlines proclaim, (triumphantly, it appears):

"France ends 35-hour work week"
"France Scraps 35 Hour Week"
"35-hour week scrapped"

Only when one reads the articles, one learns that the law has been "eased" not repealed, President Sarkozy "has been careful not to do away with the popular 35-hour working week completely" and in big companies, "no-one wants to renegotiate the 35 hours and reopen Pandora's Box."


Anonymous said...

Not to be impolite, but I sit here and wonder why anyone would find it news worthy that the conservative press corps would be propagating half truths which tend to support the unsupportable interests of corporate America. Would you expect a headline to read, "Sarkozy Only Partially Successful In Efforts to Increase Work Week Hours?" This is old news, not the Sarkozy's behavior, but that of the media, in making every effort to distort an issue.

I think that M M-Z has the right perspective when he suggests no longer using the term mainstream, but instead "traditional" media.
By the way, for an even more egregious example of media BS check out his front page this AM.
Little Katie's been caught with her knickers exposed. Or, maybe just her editors are a bunch of jerks willing to make her look the fool.

Eleanor said...

How about "legacy media?" This is borrowing from the airline business, where legacy means old-time airlines that are mostly going out of business.

Sandwichman said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, I hear he had the hour redefined as 65 minutes.