Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two great sentences from yesterday's Times

From Elizabeth Bumiller's article about McCain:
'I am again deeply disappointed that Senator Obama would not recognize the fact that the surge has succeeded', Mr McCain said in typical, now-daily comments before the refrigerated case of shredded cheese in Bethlehem, Pa.

I know she means the "now-daily" to apply to the comments alone, but the image of McCain returning daily to the shredded cheese case in Bethlehem to whine about Obama is priceless.

Then, from an article about the oil spill in the Mississippi near New Orleans, a LtCmdr in the Coast Guard is quoted on the oil:
this is a heavy, nasty product, problematic in the cleanup.

It won't be difficult to clean up, it will be "problematic in the cleanup!" I love it: The Bureaucratic Sublime.

Come to think of it, McC seems to me lately a nasty product, problematic in the sense-making.

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