Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Televised

It is no mystery why repressive regimes want to suppress media coverage of their crackdowns of peaceful protests but the Iranian regime has an internet problem. Nico Pitney’s live-blogging is eye opening and as far as I call tell – the regime has sent out its basij thugs in the hope of intimidating the protestors and to try to pin the blame for all of this on their false claims that the US and UK governments have been fostering terrorism. There is some evidence that the intimidation part may not be working out all that well but the regime might get their rally around Ahmadinejad if our government is foolish enough to listen to Krauthammer, Wolfowitz, Barnes, and Hayes-Kristol . As Steve Benen there are more mature Republicans who don’t advocate such stupidity and fortunately this President is not about to be Ahmadinejad’s stooge. One has to shudder to think how far this regime will go to hold onto power. But thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and blogging – the world will know even as this regime tries to block media coverage.


Barkley Rosser said...

Some of the commentators you mention I think wish to have the outcome fit that reported to be desired by factions of the Israeli government, which reputedly wants an Ahmadinejad victory, but bloodily, so as to justify their attacking the nuclear facilities in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Neocons doing the bidding of the Israel lobbies, as usual. Israel would love to create an irreversible fracture between the US and Iran governments. I would like to ask these Sunday writerm what did they achieve with Iran in the 8 years of their policy-making.

How do these people get space on the WP or WSJ is beyond me. You'd find writing people who have been convicted and then pardoned, people who have been proven wrong at abundantia and beyond any reasonable doubt, people who broadcasted know wrong information to go to war against Iraq, etc. Really shameful that these people are given space after all the trush they have put us through.

Jack said...

Just a point of information to those using the anonymous tag. You're confusing the conversational aspect of this blog. Judging from the form of the various anon comments I'm guessing that there are two such commentators on the threads having to do with the situation in Iran. It is annoying to read the various comments so identified and not know who is saying what to whom.

Pick a tag and stick with it so that at least we can stitch together any series of ideas from each single person.

Anonymous said...

How do you get a tag?