Monday, August 9, 2010

Is US Contemplating War With Iran?

Juan Cole ( has a guest editorial today by Mahan Abedin who reports that US Joint Chiefs Chairman, Mike Mullen, has made statements that the US is contemplating a "limited war" to block Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Abedin reports that this appears to be a shift of policy, at least in the open, and warns it would not work, with Iran likely to fight back very hard with great impact.

It should also be kept in mind that there continues to be no evidence of Iran actually pursuing nuclear weapons, although arguably it has been pursuing a possible capability to build them. However, the fatwa of the Commander-in-Chief, Ali Khamenei, against nuclear weapons remains in place, as does the official US NIE supported by all US intel agencies declaring that they are not actively pursuing nuclear weapons, despite all the shouting in the media claiming that they are. This may be the result of rumblings arising from the new anti-Iran UN sanctions reportedly biting, with who knows what going on in the background, although there are clearly parties who would just love to have the US go after Iran militarily. Very. Bad. Idea.

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