Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Economic Consequences Of Banning Semi-Automatic Weapons

It is bad enough that we have to watch the Dow slip below 13,000 in fear of the impending fiscal cliff, but now our economy is threatened by all these unAmerican gun control nuts who want to ban sales of new semi-automatic weapons.  The danger from this is far worse.  Now, I know some might say that "We banned them from 1994-2004, and it was not so bad," but gun owners are extremely rational and therefore with their rational expectations could forecast that the ban would be overturned.  So, nothing bad happened.  A more relevant case involves the banning of sales of new fully automatic weapons in 1986 by that commie anti-gun nut, Ronald Reagan, which ban remains in place.  That is the case we need to consider, given that of course the Republicans in Congress clearly will go along with whatever our Commander-in-Chief says, even though he is not only a commie anti-gun nut, but a foreign-born Islamofascist.

So, after Reagan banned fully automatic gun sales, in 1987 we had the largest single one day crash of the stock market ever on Oct. 19!  I mean really.  Here we are, struggling to overcome the crisis of 2008, and these gun control nuts want to subject us to renewed danger on this front (on top of the fiscal cliff threat, oh wow).  It gets worse.  Careful observers of the current scene have uncovered links between mass shootings and the LIBOR scandal.  It appears that the fathers of the mass murderers in Aurora, CO and in Newtown, CT both had connections with the scandal.  If you do not believe me, well, check out .  This is a high quality source, and what this tells me is that if these gun control fanatics get there way, not only will we have a stock market crash, but probably an all out full blown international financial collapse that will make 2008 look like 2007!!!  Believe me.

Now, another likely outcome of such a ban would be a major decline of the gun producing industry.  I know, record sales are going on right now.  But this is our freedom-loving-red-blooded American gun lovers rationally anticipating what is to come, and they plan to be armed so that nobody will take away their arms.  After the ban, there will be all these layoffs in the gun industry, right when we are still trying to get unemployment down from our bad recession!   And these people might have access to heavy weapons and go nuts on gun shooting rampages! 

Of course, Reagan had an answer to this when he banned fully automatic weapons sales.  In order to keep demand up, he began shipping guns to Iran.  Given his Islamofascist identity, clearly Obama might try to do the same thing, indeed, he has probably been itching to do just this all along!  It is bad enough that he is letting the Iranians build nukes, but now he might ship them guns as well!  This is a very serious threat, I can assure you.

Yet another likely terrible outcome is that we shall all  die from lyme disease.  It is our patriotic hunters who keep the deer population in check since we got rid of their natural predators.  It is impossible to shoot a deer unless one is using at least a semi-automatic gun.  So, this ban will lead to a population explosion of Bambis who will litter up our streets and spread lyme disease.  Maybe this is what the Mayans were warning us about with their calendar!

Yet another threat to public safety involves suicides.  After all, 18,000 people a year in the US kill themselves with guns.  One can only do that with a Glock semi-automatic, and we know from what the NRA tells us that if somebody wants to commit suicide, well, by golly, they will find a way to do so!  Therefore, if there is a semi-automatic weapons ban, we shall have an epidemic of frustrated suiciders throwing themselves out of windows high in buildings.  I cannot imagine what this will do to the safety of God-fearing pedestrians just trying to get to the store to do some shopping to keep America from falling off the fiscal cliff! 

And this is only the tip of the iceberg of all the terrible consequences for our economy and society that this threat to ban semi-automatic guns presents, :-).


Sandwichman said...

Guns don't kill people. Bleeding and organ failure kill people.

Myles B. Brandt, M.S., CFP® said...

This post is retarded.

Ed Moloney said...

it is a joke myles. calm down.

vinnie5 said...

Why don't we just start over by letting the gun owners turn in their weapons of self destruction. Then we will see as a society where the killing starts and legitamate Bon ownership ends. Too often the gun toters claim thier right of self ownership to protect themselves from the criminal element. To the contrary it is the legal ownership that more often than not has provided the inspient mass murders with the readily available means of killing innocent people.

Anonymous said...

It's like I always said - guns don't kill people, it's those pesky bullets!

Ken Houghton said...

"Of course, Reagan had an answer to this when he banned fully automatic weapons sales. In order to keep demand up, he began shipping guns to Iran."

Well, he began shipping them five years before banning them. I guess BarryO plans to have semi-automatic rifle factories producing drones going forward.