Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Milton and The Bard

"If anyone wants to argue that Milton Friedman is now unimportant to modern economics, that's like saying Bob Dylan is unimportant to modern music." - Stephen Williamson

Why, yes, but to someone as familiar with the more obscure parts of  Dylan corpus as I am, this is more than just an analogy. Here I just skim the surface of  Dylan's discography:

"Talkin' Optimal Quantity of Money Blues"
"The Lonesome Death of Interest Rate Targeting"
"Love Minus 2% Money Growth- No Limit"
"Stuck Outside of NAIRU, With Those Accelerationist Blues Again"
"It Takes a Train to Laugh,  and A Permanent Income To Consume"

I know, none of these are well-known. Deep Bootleg - the Sub-Basement Tapes, if you know what I mean. But hey, how many times have you belted out the first line of one of his best-known tunes, "I Ain't gonna work on Maynard's Farm No More!" -  didn't you ever wonder about the reference?

What? "MAGGIE"??   Oh, alright then. Never mind.

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You mightn't be Inuit by chance, would you? Because if you are, Oh joy!