Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Greg Mankiw Endorses William Kristol as the GOP’s Health Care Economist

Actually Mankiw gives a nod to this. Skipping the Republican spin – this plan lists three things (I guess):
“Ending the Unfairness in the Tax Code—by Offering Tax Credits to the Uninsured and Individually Insured”; “Solving the Problem of Expensive Preexisting Conditions”; “Lowering Health Costs Across the Board”.
The first one sounds like a very old GOP line and the last two sound more like goals than credible means to achieving those goals. So who is this The 2017 Project? It Board of Directors includes:
William Kristol, chair; Spencer Abraham; Yuval Levin; Dan Senor
I’m sorry but this sounds more like a 2016 campaign stunt rather than a serious proposal regarding health care policy.

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