Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quote of the Day: That Sound You Hear Is the Snorting of Old Socialists

From Robert Paul Wolff, describing the anticipation of aging socialists like himself that another Great Depression would fulfill the prophecies of Marx:
The pulse still quickens in the circles I frequent when the tech stock market bubble bursts or Paul Krugman forecasts a calamitous reversal in housing prices, the way old war horses flare their nostrils and stamp their hooves at the sound of distant trumpets. But the truth is that our corporate masters will never again allow a serious threat to the foundations of the economic house they have built.

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Ken E said...

Corporate masters will resist socialism, for sure, but their luck will run out when they try to enforce the old rule of 'he who does not work shall not eat' at the same time the workers figure out that the few remaining jobs are going to soon be swallowed up by robots.