Saturday, September 17, 2016

Racism Cancellation

Here is a metaphor to think about.  One common response to the problem of racism is to call for colorblind language and policy.  Don’t even think about race, much less talk about it.  Eliminate all programs that call attention to it.  Move immediately into a post-racial world by treating everyone without regard for race.

So think of racism as a kind of noise, a kind we want to get rid of.  How do you get rid of actual, nonmetaphorical noise with a set of headphones?  You can try to use isolation alone, blocking out all external sounds.  This could work, maybe, but it’s extremely difficult to do, especially if external noises are loud, and it’s impractical because there are also sounds out there we want to hear.  So we might use noise-cancelling headphones.  These work not simply by blocking sounds but also deliberately offsetting them, generating corrections that are out of phase with the noise we want to eliminate.

Racism cancelling works the same way.  It uses policies that take note of race but which are out of phase; where the racism “wave” crests, deliberately give it a trough.  Give extra consideration to candidates who typically get less because of racial bias.  Give extra resources to individuals who, because of racial inequality, have fewer.  Pay more attention to the views of people whose views have historically been less listened to.  And so on.

This also works for other types of inequality, like gender.  Don’t ignore it, cancel it.


Anonymous said...

Oh look, a holier-than-thou faggot.

End to racism ?
That'll happen when Papuans start building jet engines.

End to gender inequality ?
When women start being able to pee their name in the snow.

Meanwhile, impotent wimps like you will keep on begging for scraps from their master.

Down, boy. Now roll over.

JDM said...

Voltaire's prayer bestowed on Mr. Dorman with the first comment.

Anonymous said...

I love it how you faggots think you've already won the war against human nature.

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