Monday, November 7, 2016

Celebrating The 99th Anniversary

of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia that happened on November 7, 1917 (October 25 on the then in place Julian calendar, hence the "October" in the title).  It is true that since 2005, it has not been an official holiday in Russia, displaced by November 4 as "National Unity Day" (which celebrates Russia overthrowing Polish rule of Moscow in 1613), with people marching in Moscow this past Friday declaiming "Rodina! Svoboda! Putin!" (Motherland! Freedom! Putin!).  But that holiday lets people off for a week, so those who like the older officially defunct holiday still get a holiday and can celebrate there as they please.  And while Putin may be officially anti-communist, not only his past as a communist Soviet KGB agent, but his ongoing efforts to rehabilitate that great communist leader, Joseph Stalin, show his true sentiments (maybe).

Anyway, unfortunately, while it looked like we might have been on the verge of a worldwide socialist revolution on this anniversary, that prospect appears to have been squashed.  It looked like a great tribune of the working class might win the presidency, a leader of strikes against exploitative owners of casinos and hotels in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, was on the verge of winning the US presidency.  That this champion and genuine leader of the international proletariat was near taking power could be seen by the fact that since James Comey's letter of October 28 that gave this heroic candidate a push against a total tool and paid lackey of capitalist Wall Street, US stock markets had experienced their longest sustained slide since 1980, and global stock markets were also sliding in anticipation of this possible world socialist revolutionary takeover.  But then the conspiracy to infiltrate the FBI by Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Jewish bankers, Freemasonic Hocus Pocus Agents, Illuminati, Zombie Economists, and Martians succeeded in forcing Comey to undo his heroic efforts and reverse course.

Now we see that the global capitalists are triumphant with stock markets around the world soaring as their flunky tool prepares to take control of the White House.  All the working class can do on this sad anniversary is cry, or perhaps march in the streets of Moscow praising Motherland!, Freedom!, and Putin!.

Barkley Rosser

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