Thursday, November 10, 2016

Motherland! Freedom! Putin!

Amazingly enough, the plot by the Trilateralist-Bilderbergers-Jewish bankers-Illuminati-Zombie Economists-Martians to infiltrate the FBI failed to stop the working class hero to experience a Trumph in the US presidential election, standing up for white industrial workers in the Rust Belt as well as the oppressed workers in casinos and hotels in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.  Fellow Proletarian leader, Vladimir Putin, has expressed his praise for this triumphant leader on his election.  The support of Russian workers, led by worker-oligarch-billionaires, has been expressed as they marched on National  Unity Day as they marched in the streets of Moscow chanting "Motherland! Freedom! Putin!" How could the workers of the world be happier?

Barkley Rosser

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Anonymous said...

Just in: cries of "Down with the Kulaks!" heard in Youngstown, Ohio.