Friday, July 19, 2019

Hannity Calls For/Predicts War With Iran

OK, sorry if this is just over the top, but this evening Trump's close pal, Sean Hannity, has gone over the top both predicting and clearly supporting a full blown attack on Iran, "take out all their nuclear facilities."  Curiously a sign of how over the top this is was given by one of his guests, a colonel, warned that it would take nuclear weapons by the US to fully take out the most deeply buried  Iranian capabilities.

I am reasonably certain that part of why Hannity was sounding the war trumpet rather than his usual "investigate Hillary and the Steele dossier" baloney is that today Trump put himself into a difficult contradictory situation, having gone doubtful last night on his followers in NC chanting "Send her back" to supporting those chanters today. So, much easier to distract everybody with a possible war in the Persian Gulf (sorry, not "Arabian Gulf," not yet), especially given that there has been an ongoing escalation of incidents in the Gulf over oil tankers, with Iran pushing back against the US withdrawing from the JCPOA nuclear deal.

But the bottom line is that what Hannity spouts often ends up being what his close pal Trump ends up doing.  I take this spout from Hannity all too seriously.  We may well be in more serious war with Iran soon, with such an effort accompanied by far more massive lies than the Bush admin gave us when he stupidly invaded Iraq on false pretenses, although Hannity is assuring us that "It will be all over very soon, with no boots on the ground."  Yeah, we have heard that one before.

Barkley Rosser


Anonymous said...

These are important writings, however frightening. Keep on, please.

pgl said...

Hannity on the Iraq War disaster: “"we were victorious in spite of the Democrats' efforts and attempts at preventing victory”.

Hannity just last month: "bomb the hell of out Iran" over the downing of a drone.

OK – he is trigger happy but I’m surprised that the author of “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism” didn’t call for Trump to have the military murder The Squad: said...

I note that for the current hot issue of tankers, the Iranian seizure of one (in the end) UK tanker in retaliation for UK grabbing one of Iran's off Gibralter supposedly for violating EU sanctions against Syria, well, there are some problems with this claim.

So far nor a single other EU nation has supported UK's argument, and there are good reasons for this. Apparenty the EU sanctions are to be a) only on Syrian exports, and b) only applying to EU members. Neither of these holds for this case. So Iran's argument that UK seizure was "piracy" is not completely unreasonable, and their seizing a UK tanker in response is not all that unreasonable, certainly no justification for either the UK or the US to go to war with Iran. said...

Don't give him or Lou Dobbs ideas.