Friday, June 4, 2021

My Latest Book

Heck, I might as well brag here when I have the opportunity, and I do.  

So, just a couple of days ago my latest book came out from Springer Nature.  It is called Foundations and Applications of Complexity Economics.  I am not going to go on about it or its contents other than to note that I have published on this general topic before on numerous occasions, with my last book out on it a decade ago in 2011, also from Springer.  

Anyway, it feels good to actually get those hard copies in your hands of something you worked on for a long time, and I am not one of those people who just knocks off books in a couple of weeks or months while riding on airplanes or whatever.  They have all taken years of work, even revisions for new additions, and this one took a few as well. But now it is over. Whew!

Barkley Rosser 


Sandwichman said...

Congrats, Barkley! said...

Thanks, S-man.

kevin quinn said...

Yes, what he said: congrats, Barkley! said...

Congratulations. A reward for much hardwork. said...

Thanks, you all.

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