Wednesday, December 22, 2021

RIP Sharon L. O'Hare

 I know, I know, my part of this blog is increasingly resembling an obituary column. But, heck, people I know who are conneted to econ keep dying, although this one was not as well known as others. Sharon Lyn O'Hare was a former student of mine 40 years ago at James Madison University, and while she never finished her PhD at Boston College, she was a decade later a colleague of mine in our department for five years. After then she left academia and ended up holding a high position in the City of Richmond government, director of its Office of Economics and Management, before retiring early.

She moved back to her home, Staunton, VA, 25 miles southwest of here, where her mother, Nancy O'Hare, lived also an old friend and former Speech and Pathology prof at JMU as well as a former mayor of Staunton, with Nancy still alive.

Anyway, Sharon died last Friday at age 59 after falling in her home and fracturing her skull.  I am about to go attend her funeral in Staunton in a few minutes.  She was not just a former student and colleague but also a good friend.  I find this one hitting me harder personally than some of these.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, you all.

Barkley Rosser


Anonymous said...

I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

sending my is an obit.... said...

Thanks, A. The funeral was a very sad matter.